a 13 years old girl living in Ormakau Village in Amboseli Kenya. She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters.
Aisha was chosen to participate as part of The Big Picture Project’s 3rd project which took place in Amboseli Kenya.  
If there is one word to describe Aisha it would be “girl power”. Aisha is athletic and loves soccer. She’s not afraid to be smart and cares greatly for her education. She stands her ground and isn’t intimidated by the boys, yet is beautiful and sweet. She has big goals and big dreams and in a culture where women are subservient and responsibilities primarily consist of bearing children and taking care of the house, Aisha is sweetly bucking the system and dreaming big. She shared that she plans to go to university and be a scientist that makes medicines to help people. A lofty goal for a girl that lives in a dung hut in a rural village, but there is no doubt that Aisha will do whatever she puts her mind to.



When Aisha received her book of curated images, she had a smile from ear to ear.  She was able to share her book with her classmates and spent hours looking at the images over and over.  To give girls a sense of pride and self worth is an irreplaceable honor.  Special thanks to Chatbooks who provided these beautiful keepsakes!