In 2013, Roger and Karin Doolin found themselves at a professional crossroads.  After 8 years of running a successful photography business, they wanted to use their business endeavor as a catalyst for change.  
Their vision was to use photography as a means for good.  
To give back with their talents and find a way to encourage other professionals to do the same.


After 4 years and 5 projects, Roger and Karin realized a common thread throughout their travels.  People everywhere – regardless of circumstances – love printed photos.  They love the connection to the memories and people they treasure.  But for the people in marginalized countries, access to photographs is extremely uncommon.  
Through our first world lens it’s hard to imagine not having a lifetime of photos to treasure.  

Today, the Big Picture Project  honors the idea that we are all connected through our love of our memories and the people we share those memories with.  
With a project that allows every day people to provide treasured memories for people with limited access, 
Photography For Good has an even bigger impact!