Jeffry's Story

Jeffry is ia 12 year old boy living in a rural village in Nicaragua. He has hopes to someday go to college and study English!  When not in school, his favorite thing to do??  Clean the house, wash dishes, and cook.  While most kids in America would be choosing video games, or playing sports, Jeffry is most happy when helping around the house.  And that likely comes from the fact that he LOVES his momma.  When asked for his most greatest treasure in life, he quickly answered his mom Maria.  (Followed by his grandparents, but mostly his mom)

Jeffry knows no stranger, and is completely comfortable in his own skin.  He wants to make others laugh, and always goes with the flow.  Within 2 seconds of meeting Jeffry, you see his bright, caring, beautifully magnetic spirit.  He was chosen to participate in our second project in Nicaragua.  When given the opportunity to learn photography, he was the first to jump in to try out his camera.  Each day, he eagerly arrived before everyone else and was always the last to leave.

Jeffry’s living conditions are meager.  His home is plastic, bedsheets, and metal, and he shares a cot with his 2 younger brothers.  Jeffry’s home is certainly one of the worst in the village he lives in, but his spirit is easily the brightest.  Everyone loves Jeffry.

Jeffry’s special niche with photography was photographing people.  He takes a very story telling approach, and showcases his subjects with dignity and kindness.  Although he showed much creativity with his images of the photo themes we worked on each day, everything he captured of people stood out to the instructors.  Just like his own personality – Jeffry has a gift with people!



Jeffry is now in High School and has grown into a bit more subdued boy.  He doesn’t quite wear his heart on his sleeve like he had in the past, however his smile still lights up a room and his hugs are the warmest you’ll ever receive.
When Jeffry was given his book of photos, he immediately showed his mother.  Some things may be different with Jeffry, but his love for his momma remains the same.
When Jeffry was given his book of images, his mother pulled Big Picture Project co-founder Karin aside to share how much his experience with the project impacted his life.  Being chosen gave Jeffry a sense of pride he had never felt before, and his mother cried as she shared her gratitude. The love that her son was given was something she would be forever grateful for.