Our History

After visiting impoverished villages of Nicaragua on a humanitarian photography project in 2013, founders Roger and Karin Doolin found themselves at a professional crossroads.  After 8 years of running a successful photography business, they wanted to use their business endeavor as a catalyst for change.  Their vision was to use photography as a means for good.  To give back with their talents, and find a way to encourage other professionals to do the same.  That vision soon became Big Picture Project.

After incorporating as an official 501(c)3 non-profit, Big Picture Project traveled to Central America, Southeast Asia, and Africa where kids and adults experienced being both in front of and behind the camera, capturing more than an outsider ever could.  Photography was the medium and megaphone to tell a story untold.

Since inception, Big Picture Project has raised over $68,000 to help communities gain access to lifeline needs.

CLICK HERE to learn more by watching a recent news feature about Big Picture Project featured on NBC's Show Me St.Louis!