Ram's Story

Ram was abandoned by his mother in 2010 when she could no longer care for him.  He was rescued by an orphanage in Yangon, the capitol of Myanmar.  The orphanage provided a secure home with people who love and care for him.  He is now receiving an education and excelling with his classwork.  He is already in the 3rd grade, although he had gone without education prior to his placement.

Ram is completely endearing.  He is a vibrant, curious, unguarded, enthusiastic 10 year old.  During Big Picture's photography project in Myanmar he was unafraid to pick up the camera and try anything!  While many in the Burmese culture are shy, Ram was excited and eager.  He ambitiously attempted every shot from every imaginable angle.  It was heartwarming to see him encourage his brothers and sisters at the orphanage, as he wanted everyone to experience as much fun as he was.



Along with 3 of his brothers at the orphanage, Ram received a book of his the images he captured during The Big Picture Project’s project in Myanmar.  All of his brothers and sisters at the orphanage were electrified by the books, and enthusiastically cheered with the turn of each page!  To say Ram felt special is an understatement.  Every one of Ram’s siblings have endured pain and suffering that no person should have to endure, but being able to have a book of his memories was a day of joy that lives on with every turn of the page.
Special thanks to Chatbooks for supplying Ram and his brothers with their beautiful treasures.