The Next Chapter

The time spent learning from the kids, adults, parents, and families in undeserved communities revealed how connected our stories truly are.  We all have something inherently in common no matter our socioeconomic status - and that is our love for our family.

When the most simple, printed photographs were given to kids or parents their faces would light up with joy.  They weren’t looking at their clothing or examining their physique.  They saw what matters.  Life.  Hope.  Love.  

For most of these individuals, this was their first printed photograph and they immediately showed it off to neighbors and friends, and then did what we all do with our photographs – they put them on their wall!  It didn’t matter whether that wall was made of concrete or cow dung and straw, their photo was a treasure they wanted to see everyday.

Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest ones.  After seeing the power that these simple photographs had on the lives of these individuals, Big Picture Project realized a way to impact more people.